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Media Release - Answer these questions, Lu Olo tells Horta

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Media release

4 May 2007

Answer these questions, Lu Olo tells Horta

FRETILIN presidential candidate Francisco Guterres Lu Olo today called on his opponent to respond to 9 unanswered questions.

Jose Ramos Horta has failed to respond to many important questions put to him by me, representatives of civil society and voters during this election campaign,” Lu Olo said.

He has a duty to answer the following questions before the end of the campaign so voters can make an informed decision.”

  1. Why does Ramos Horta refuse to fully disclose his pecuniary interests in writing?

  2. Why is Ramos Horta using the disgraced F-FDTL soldier Vicente da Conceição (alias “Railos”) as a prominent member of his campaign team? The UN Special Commission of Inquiry recommended Railos be prosecuted for his role in the attack on the F-FDTL base at Tasi Tolu on 23 May 2006, in which as many as nine people died. An arrest warrant is believed to have been issued for Railos.

  3. Has Ramos Horta interfered with the independence of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the justice system by delaying Railos being brought in for questioning by the authorities?

  4. What right does Ramos Horta have to try to manipulate the International Stabilisation Force’s operation to capture fugitive Alfredo Reinado, as part of an election deal with another party?

  5. Why has Ramos Horta since February withheld from members of his own Government and the National Parliament, the Report by the Commission of Notables into the case of the so-called Petitioners – along with his proposals to resolve this critical issue?

  6. Why does Ramos Horta want to change the law on the Petroleum Fund when it was unanimously approved by Parliament and is considered international best practice?

  7. Why does Ramos Horta, in front of certain audiences, continue to misrepresent himself as a FRETILIN candidate and FRETILIN member when he left the party in the 1980s?

  8. Why does Ramos Horta want to wait another 5 to10 years before the international forces are withdrawn from the streets of Dili and other towns?

  9. What happened to Ramos Horta’s promise last year to end violence in Dili so that internally displaced people can return to their homes?

Every time I question his conduct on these matters, Ramos Horta creates a diversion and speaks about other issues, including making allegations about me and my party which he never substantiates with evidence” Lu Olo said.

It appears that Ramos Horta at times does not understand clearly who his opponent is in this election.

I again call on Ramos Horta to play by the rules. Let the voters hear what you have to say on the important election issues and compare your answers with mine.”

For more information contact:

Harold Moucho (Lu Olo’s political adviser) (+670) 723 0048 (Dili)
Jose Manuel Fernandes (Lu Olo’s official election representative) (+670) 734 2174 (Dili)

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