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Media Release - FRETILIN demands code of conduct is observed

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Media release
28 April 2007

FRETILIN demands code of conduct is observed

FRETILIN Deputy Secretary General José Manuel Fernandes today called on Presidential candidate Jose Ramos Horta to respect the election code of conduct and desist from making unsubstantiated and offensive personal attacks.

“Timor-Leste does not need to copy western media politics”, said Fernandes. “We had an excellent debate on television last night, where people were able to judge for themselves on the differences between the candidates.”

“I am sad that a high profile candidate like Mr. Horta accuses people without any evidence. We can see what he is doing. In the debate yesterday, he tried to discredit me, a clear sign he does not respect the code of conduct, not to insult people. He also called a press conference at his house in Metiau, shown on television after yesterday afternoon’s television debate, to try to grab the headlines and distract people from the issues with unsubstantiated allegations. He accuses so-called FRETILIN radical groups, but doesn’t say who they are.”

Fernandes continued: “Mr Horta said he had reported what he heard to the President of the Republic and to UNMIT Head of Mission. Why doesn’t he use our own laws and institutions to have such maters properly invesitgated before saying them in public as if they are true?”

FRETILIN calls on Mr Horta to stick to the issues, said Fernandes. “What are his policies? What are his qualities? Why does he want to change to law on the petroleum fund? Why does he not sign a declaration of his personal interests? How can a future president associate himself with armed groups operating outside the law?”

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Jose Manuel Fernandes (+670) 734 2174 (Dili)
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