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Media Release - Lu Olo demands Ramos Horta immediately declare his pecuniary interests in writing

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Media release

3 May 2007

Lu Olo demands Ramos Horta immediately declare his pecuniary interests in writing

FRETILIN Presidential candidate Francisco Guterres Lu Olo said today his opponent Jose Ramos Horta is running away from his moral obligation to disclose in writing the full extent of his pecuniary interests.

Lu Olo, who issued a written declaration of his pecuniary interests 10 days ago on 23 April, said Ramos Horta should declare in writing all of his income sources, assets, and business connections including with foreigners.

Lu Olo said: “Ramos Horta is morally obliged to declare in writing his pecuniary interests so the people of Timor Leste can make an informed decision as to who should be President of the Republic.

I cannot understand why Ramos Horta is refusing to commit his pecuniary interests to writing as I have done. What is Ramos Horta trying to hide from the Timorese people?

Is he afraid that if he reveals his pecuniary interests in writing, the people of Timor Leste will come to the conclusion that he is compromised in some way?

In contrast to me, Ramos Horta has made only a verbal declaration of just some of his pecuniary interests.

He has not disclosed a number of assets or put a figure on income received from various sources, including fees he admitted receiving for seminars at universities while in government service.”

Also, he should confirm whether or not he has a business partnership – including an interest in a boat now beached in Dili –with Australian and Northern Territory businessman Wayne Thomas, who has close links to former Australian Liberal Party president and Howard government insider Shane Stone.

Horta has also failed to declare whether he has any personal bank accounts.

Is there anything else that Ramos Horta has failed to disclose?” Lu Olo asked.

Lu Olo ridiculed Horta’s statement to the Dili press that he would disclose his pecuniary interests after he had been elected President.

This will be too late of course. It should have been done at the beginning of the election campaign in order to give time for people to question the declaration,” Lu Olo said.

Signing a declaration of pecuniary interests is a question of integrity and transparency. Ramos Horta should not hide behind the fact that there is no current law on pecuniary interests to avoid declaring his interests. I support the national NGOs who have been calling on Ramos Horta to make a fuller and franker disclosure of his assets.”

Lu Olo said that while refusing to make a written declaration, Horta at the same time was attempting to smear Lu Olo with false and misleading information about his personal assets.

I disclosed all my assets in my declaration on 23 April 2007. I have no other assets. I have made myself transparent. Whatever questions have been raised I can answer.

Contrary to Ramos Horta’s false claims, I do not receive a Portuguese pension, nor do I own a villa. My family home in Ossu, built by my family, is a modest one, and cannot be described as a villa even by Timorese standards. Ramos Horta lives in a villa and has at least one house overseas, in Australia.

I made my disclosure at the beginning of the campaign as a unilateral and voluntary act of transparency. I am happy it has aroused the sort of interest that it has. I feel I have achieved my objective and we will move to legislate on this issue for the future interests of transparency.

When enacting legislation such as the Petroleum Laws and Petroleum Fund laws the Fretilin government has already included provisions on disclosure of pecuniary interests.”

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