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Media Release - Lu Olo: We are not waging a communist campaign against Ramos-Horta

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Media release
Thursday 19 April 2007

Lu Olo: We are not waging a communist campaign against Ramos-Horta

Fretilin presidential candidate Francisco Guterres “Lu Olo” today rejected accusations by Jose Ramos-Horta reported recently in Dili local media that Fretilin was waging a communist campaign against him.

“Fretilin is a political party that has as its prime aim the protection of Timor-Leste’s national sovereignty,” said Lu Olo. “We are not waging a communist campaign against Ramos-Horta nor are we a communist party. This is simply a misleading accusation made by Ramos-Horta to score cheap political points”.

“Why does Ramos-Horta use the communist label against Fretilin? This is the same weapon that was used in 1975 by the Indonesian army and their collaborators to justify the invasion and mass killings of East Timorese people”.

“Also, why Ramos-Horta is lashing out at Mozambique, a nation that never deserted the people of Timor-Leste and our fight for independence,” said Lu Olo.

“It was the Mozambicans who gave Mr Ramos-Horta and exiled East Timorese a home when Indonesia invaded in December 1975. It was with the great support of the Mozambican government and people that the East Timorese diaspora were able to begin fighting effectively for independence on the diplomatic front.

“Whilst in Mozambique, Ramos Horta received a Mozambican passport to allow him to carry out his diplomatic work and his son was also born and raised in Mozambique,” Lu Olo added.

“Ramos Horta used the Mozambicans when it suited him, but now that he is a presidential candidate, he is degrading them in a dishonest attempt to buy votes. This is not the kind of behaviour one would expect from a presidential candidate.”

Lu Olo also said that the Mozambican advisers that came to Timor Leste to assist Fretilin recently were invited by the party to help build the capacity of party scrutineers and observers for the elections.

“This is just a way to strengthen the democratic process. To imply that the use of the Mozambicans somehow corrupted the electoral process is cheap point scoring of the lowest form by Ramos Horta.”

Lu Olo also rejected accusations by Ramos Horta that Fretilin engaged a Brazilian public relations firm to run its media campaign.

“Anyone can see that Fretilin has established a dedicated media team for the elections which consists of young East Timorese party members. Unlike Mr Ramos Horta, who in the past received the assistance of Australian media advisers, Fretilin places complete faith in dedicated young East Timorese to do this job for us,” said Lu Olo.

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