sábado, 24 de março de 2007

More than 10,000 people at the launch of Lo Olo's campaign

23 March 2007

Presidential elections began today.

Comrade Lu Olo chose his birthplace, Ossu, to kick start his electoral campaign where he was joined with more than 10,000 participants.

Other than being the place where he was born, Ossu was also the place where he became a young guerrilla to serve the people of Timor, therefore a place where Lu Olo had deposited a great sentimental value.

In his speech Lu Olo said that he will be a president of everyone and of everyone promising to make Timor-Leste:

- a country free of poverty and illiteracy
- a democratic and prosperous nation where peace is part of our people's culture
- a nation with a system of free education for all
- a nation with an open and free health system
- where all the veterans and the elderly can have a good quality life

Lu Olo also said that the actual crisis in the country was provoked by people who want to make it seem as if FRETILIN does not have the skills to govern.

Lu Olo said that when FRETILIN began to govern, there was no money, and today money exists in the Petroleum Fund; that by having this money, the others sought to remove FRETILIN accusing her secretary-general of illegal arms distribution.

Lu Olo said that he did not want to become a president who goes to the television to criticise the government, and did not want to be a president who would join up with the opposition.

During his speech, Lu Olo said that he was conscious that some people do not want him to become the next President of the Republic, but Lu Olo is ready to dialogue with these people in order to make things clear.

Lu Olo continued that he has the courage to become a president whom will stay with the people.

"The four most important pillars of the nation are the organs of sovereignty, and these pillars should not be in conflict with each other, otherwise the crisis will continue", Lu Olo said while stressing that he will do everything so that state authority returns to the nation and justice is carried out.

Lu Olo also spoke of his experience as President of the Parliament and that he learned many things during his mandate, never initiating any conflict.

During the rally, e member of Comrade Lu Olo's family related how Lu Olo had to leave his family to join the guerrilla in 1975. He said that in 1999 the family waited for Lu Olo to return to Ossu to help them in agriculture and other family related works. But they understood that he was called once again to serve the nation, to take part in the leadership of the country. Today Lu Olo will become the President of the Republic, the family says that it will give every support and appeal to every members and sympathisers of FRETILIN to give their support and vote for Lu Olo.