terça-feira, 27 de março de 2007

Australian soldier attack FRETILIN member

A member of FRETILIN was assaulted physically by an Australian soldier today (26/3) following Lu Olo's presidential campaign in Gleno, Ermera. The victim was attacked for not allowing an Australian military vehicle pushing itself in between the convoy of cars accompanying Lu Olo's campaign on its returning to Dili.

This minor traffic skirmish quickly turned violent as the military officer forced the victim out of the car and pushed him to the ground. One of the officers then pressed the victim against the floor with his boots forcing him to kiss the ground. The victim resisted and the officer responded pointing the barrel of his gun to his head yelling "Fuck you! I'll Kill you!"

When Mari Alkatiri's (FRETILIN's secretary general) personal bodyguard, who is also a member of PNTL, tried to intervene to put an end to the humiliation, the Australian officer turned his gun to the PNTL officer defiantly.

The officer only retreated after an order from his commander.

The incidence was witnessed by everyone accompanying the convoy including FRETILIN's secretary general, his personal bodyguards as well as President Lu Olo's bodyguards, and journalists.

This type of action by Australian soldiers again raises the question: what is the australian army doing hre (in Timor-Leste)? Did they come to help us, like they ususally say? We hope so!