domingo, 25 de março de 2007

Campaign in Laclubar: with around 2000 people present

March the 24th 2007

Lu Olo's campaign committee headed towards Laclubar (after Ossu), a district of Manatuto, where a rally was held with the participation of more than 2000 people.

Lu Olo spent more than 10 years during his time as a guerrilla fighter in Laclubar, where he was being received with much warmth by his supporters.

During the rally Lu Olo repeated his message that he is ready to become the President of the Republic to serve the nation and the people. He explained that he decided to be a candidate for the presidency after having lived and felt the problems which the people lived today. Lo Olo also elaborated on his life from his birth until his school time and the difficulties he encountered. He affirmed that he decided to run for the presidency to end with all of this, the poverty and the suffering of the people.

Lu Olo continued that in order to achieve this objective, it is necessary to reaffirm the authority of the State and law and order and Timor-Leste should have a President of the Republic:
- who is from everyone and for everyone;
- who should not create conflict but to help end them;
- who will contribute and reinforce the institutions and the organs of the State, and never oppose any of them;
- who has the capacity to listen, to dialogue and never oppose;
- and who has a clear knowledge of his/her institutional competencies and never interfere with those belonging to other organs.

Lu Olo ended the speech saying that he promises to be a President to unite and not to divide.